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Capturing, creating, refining, documenting, and leveraging increased customer value must be performed, not just talked about. The Strategico Marketing Group has earned significant proof of the value it’s delivered across multiple types of engagements over the past 40+ years.

BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada)

“What compelled Brian to join BDC full-time was his deep-held belief that every owner of every private company can use some help, and that there is a “crisis of opportunity” out there for BDC to make an impact. Over the years, his trusted advisor approach has led him to work with hundreds of BDC clients and dozens of colleagues from across Financing, Growth and Transition Capital, Corporate Finance and Advisory Services.”

Christopher Lythgo, Director, BC&North Advisory Services


“There are some principles of the materials, that if adopted, I’m confident will result in significant sales efficiencies in any organization.”

Jason Edwards, Director of Sales Prairie Division

Jacques Whitford (Axys)

“The Strategico program raised the visibility of and accountability for sales leadership.and gave us simple, yet powerful tools, such as “Opportunity Measurement” and the “Sales Funnel”.”

Robert H. Seager, President

Digital Security Corporation (Tyco)

“The result has been an impressive percentage increase in revenue per sales person and at the same time, marketing’s ratings have gone up as well.”

Rob Guttentag, Vice President and General Manager

Interalia Inc.

“The Call High and Bring Value workshop pushed my sales reps out of their comfort zones and encourage them to call at higher levels in prospective clients.”

Martin Grace, Director of Sales

Waste Management of Canada

“Our team’s acceptance of the philosophy of sales has brought about nice changes and we have planned for a follow-up session.”

Karen Howlett, Market Area Sales Manager

Blackline GPS

“It’s easy to be busy selling, as you said several times during the coaching sessions. What you also made easy was focusing attention on the elements that make a sales person not just busy, but effective.”

Neil Campbell, VP Sales

Thackray Burgess

“I thought I received exceptional value using Brian and his Stratgico partners. Stratigico spend an enormous amount of time gathering information, interviewing both myself and the firm Partner in charge of lawyer education.”

Wanda Woollett, Marketing Manager

Alggin Metal Industries

“I engaged Strategico to help me develop Alggin’s first strategic plan in part because of how clearly you share your insight and experience on sales effectiveness when I met you though The Executive Committee.”

Gary Bianchini, President

Evans Consoles

“Brian presented an entertaining, yet practical four-hour workshop on sales effectiveness that uncovered several topics with my team recognized needed attention, ..the follow on engagement helped the sales team to build and apply a personal sales plan to their territories and then Breian corraled and engaged them individually to implement a proven, best practice approach to ensuring sales success.”

Richard Game, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Elite Sportswear & Award

“…delivered significant value by encouraging us, sometimes cajoling us. into looking at the 3-5 year planning horizon. The urgent issues continued while they captured our management team for a one-day, intensive, strategic planning workshop…they continued their facilitation by convening strategic planning review meetings every 60 days.”

Drew Schamehorn, President

Encom Wireless Data Solutions

“…by using your guidlelines, templates and precesses, we were able to quickly oraganize what we already had, define the missing program elements, clarify the expectations of our channel members and then systematically make some tough, but necessary changes.”

Joaquin Segl, Manager, Sales and Marketing

Zymeta Entertainment Systems

“Your approach to connumicate the value of our solutions was very professional, timely and thought provoking.”

Peter Lafontaine, CEO President

Farm Business Corporation (FBC)

“I’ve dealt with Brian Pleet since he delivered a workshop on Sales effectiveness to my T.E.C. group in 2005. Since that time Brian has been engaged by FBC on four different occasions in widely different cappacits. His versatility and wide experience base has proven most valuable as we continue to grow our operation.”

Steve Ibbotson, General Manager

Pangea Systems

“Another clear benefit of our relationship has been supporting our management team making better decisions around resource allocation to the most qualified business opportunities. You have consistently remined us of the discipline to effectively support our selling activities.”

Breton Thoen, President

Team Think Inc.

“Brian helped me think about marketing in new ways. I am a marketing consultant and it’s always valuable for professional development to learn new ways of thinking about marketing.”

Sandor Kiss, President

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

“Brian has earned a reputation of listening to a client’s needs, thoughtfully offering strategic counsel and delivering terrific proposal and results. He is friedly, optimistiec and dedicated person and tackles every task with determination to do his best.”

Heather Douglas, President & CEO

WiTec Alberta

“Your performance as Chair during the conference was also exceptional. You’re clearly an accomplished and entertaining public speaker who engaged the audience during his presentations.”

James S. Fell, Executive Director

Alberta Innovation & Science

“The evaluations received from seminar participants demonstrated high satisfaction in terms of content, instructional style and overal seminar quality and value.”

Lee Krusszewski
Director, Software and New Media

Clients & Entrepreneurial Ventures

Strategico Marketing Group clients or entrepreneurial ventures that prove Strategico’s Strata of Customer Value delivered positive impact.

Speaking & Events

Logistic planning for individuals or groups of expert speakers to entertain, educate and cajole skeptics into changing their behaviour via oral motivation

Art of Sales
Leveraging Trade Shows
Alberta Chambers of Commerce
Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Sales Start at the Top
Win the War of Business
Cochrane & District Changer of Commerce
Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

WiTec Alberta
TechnoPlanet Productions
The Executive Committee
Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)
Medicine Hat District Chamber of Commerce


Educational Institutions who believe that a teacher must be able to speak about their own real-world experience

BC Institute of Technology
Mount Saint Vincent University
Nova Scotia Community College

Simon Fraser University
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

University of Calgary
University of Lethbridge

Delivery Partners

Recognizing that no one individual or organization can bring the requisite expertise and skills to bear when a client has multiple demands on improving the value they deliver to their customers